Back in the studio

I spent Friday afternoon back in the studio with my daughter, and we started recording another song.

God gave this one to me not long after the Covid shutdowns were starting. It’s an intimate song of worship–about the quiet moments when He’s calling us to come spend time with Him. It’s about what happens to us when we meet Him there, in the stillness and in the quiet.

This will be a quieter, gentler recording. Karsey and I wrote a bunch of violin music for it, so her violin will take more of the lead than it did in “All He Was.” I hope to go back and record the vocals and the rest of the keyboards next week, but I still need to make a few decisions about which sounds I want to shine where in the song.

My other concern is that I want worship to be part of the recording.

“All He Was” is about the lyrics. The message. I wanted to record it as a message–the way God gave the message to me. I wanted (for 11 years!) to share that message with the world. That makes it a little different than a worship song. Additionally, the key that we played it in is, unfortunately, a little hard for me to sing due to where it flips from head voice to chest voice. But we had to play it in that key for other reasons. I knew that I would need to really concentrate on my singing to keep my notes on key and clear, and that would mean that it probably wouldn’t carry the spirit of worship that much. And I was okay with that. Like I said, that recording is about the message.

But this new song we started recording is different. It’s a worship song. It’s a different dynamic that is difficult to get in a studio. When I record this one, I don’t want my mind to be focused on the notes and the timing and not screwing up. (It’s amazing how easy it is to screw up a song that you’ve sung hundreds and hundreds of times!)

Worship is about focusing your mind on God so that your heart is echoing every word you sing to Your Savior… and that’s what I want to do in the studio. I absolutely love to worship at home, at church, in the car… even while I’m sleeping! Will it be harder to really focus on God and sing my words for Him in the studio?

I guess I’ll find out.

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