God spoke through a dream about “King Jesus”

I released “King Jesus” on January 1st of this year.

On January 3rd, I woke up an hour earlier than usual and I knew God wanted to talk to me, so I eagerly went out to the living room. The moment I sat down, memories of a dream I’d had that night rushed through me.

When I first remembered the dream, I wasn’t sure it meant anything, but God has been teaching me about dreams and interpretations for the last two months, so I write down every dream I have that I remember (which didn’t used to be many but now seems to be more), and I talk with God about them, trusting that if He sent the dream and He wants to tell me anything through it, He will tell me. He is just as capable of speaking through dreams and giving interpretations now as He was in Bible times!

As I wrote down the dream, more details came back. I shared it and the meaning on Facebook a few hours later, but I want to write it out here in a little bit more detail. (Below is the video as I shared it that morning, or you can watch it on Facebook or on my YouTube channel if you enjoy videos more than reading.)

I dreamed that I was having surgery. The surgery prep was done by a woman, but the there were no more details in the dream about the prep than that.

The surgeon was a man, and the distinguishing characteristic of him was his joy. Happiness just flowed from him through his smile, his eyes, and everything about him. I was awake through the surgery, and he smiled while he did it. At one point he laughed. It wasn’t a maniacal laugh; it was a laugh of pure joy, because he found great delight in taking care of me and doing this surgery!

There was no pain in the surgery, and it was amazingly fast—like five minutes. I was amazed in the dream at just how fast the surgery had gone. I realized as the surgery finished that I didn’t really know what the surgeon had done. I knew it had something to do with my heart, but I didn’t know what. I also knew that he had done more than just surgery on my heart, but I did not have any idea what any of that encompassed.

After the surgery, there was still no pain, and that amazed me also. I discovered, after the surgery was over, that a side-effect of the surgery was that I had lost some extra weight, like plastic surgery. I did not understand it, for it made zero sense as the surgeon had not even touched that area of my body, but I was so excited to have lost it… and the surgeon laughed in delight at how pleased I was.

I still did not know what the surgery was actually for, and I looked down at my chest. I saw an incision that went from my collarbone all the way down to my belly button. It wasn’t an ugly incision or a scar or anything like what we see outside of dreams. Instead, it was this beautiful closure that was neat and clean and done up in wide satin ribbon, like the kind that we used for the back of my daughters’ wedding dresses… except it was more beautifully done than their wedding dresses even were!

That was the dream.

As I asked God if it meant anything, I realized that a natural interpretation of one little bit was that my physical heart in the dream represented my spiritual heart. Before I could think any farther, God said to me, “The woman represented the circumstances that prepared you, and I did the surgery. It was painless, but I changed your heart. When He said that, I thought of how much He’s changed in me in the last year. Then He said, “I lightened your load at the same time,” and I knew that is what the weight that disappeared represented… the fact that He has lightened the load of life’s cares in so many ways.

Then He said, “Right now, you can see the evidence of what I’ve done, but you don’t know all the details. You don’t know exactly what I did. But I know all that I did which was so very fast. You keep marveling over how fast I have worked, haven’t you?” I knew exactly what He was talking about, because I have many times over the last two months marveled at everything God has done in me… even though I couldn’t really detail what all it was! I could point to a million little things that had changed in how I think, how I respond, how I pray, how I hear God’s voice, how I move through my days… and yet trying to explain how God did it or even what exactly He did has been something that I haven’t been able to articulate… just like in the dream. There was no pain in the dream, just like I have been experiencing, with God doing so much inside of me, and not through painful circumstances, etc. (He has used painful circumstances in the past to work amazing things in my life, but the changes of the last year have not included any pain.) The incision was beautiful, because everything God does is beautiful. “He makes all things beautiful in His time!” (Ecc. 3:11)

Then I asked God why the incision went down so far. He said, “The surgery went down to your belly button, because out of your belly flows rivers of living water.” That is, of course, a reference to John 7:38. It is also something that I have many times told God I wanted for my life. I didn’t see it, but Jesus said it, so God and I have had many conversations about it!

My mind then wandered away from the dream, and I thought about how “King Jesus” was running through me. Not just through my mind—it was resounding through my entire being. Sometimes when God speaks to me through a song, it’s a gentle whisper or just a line or two, but sometimes it’s loud and constantly interrupting my thoughts. That’s how it was this time. I think it was loud because, if it had been quiet, I would have just thought that it was stuck in my mind because I’d just released it. The fact that it was so loud inside my spirit, resounding relentlessly, is why I asked God if He wanted to say something through it. He said, “Release it.” I was confused. “Lord, I did release it two days ago.” He said, “Release it in the spirit.” I wasn’t quite sure how to do that, so I just began praying and trusted Him to put the words in my mouth. And as I did so, He showed me that He was going to use this song to do the same kind of heart-and-soul surgery inside other people that He had done inside of me. As they sing the prayer of the verses, He will indeed be purifying hearts, shaping lives, renewing minds, and transforming souls. And the anthem of worship in the chorus will rise from people around the world who will be marveling just like I am, of how much God did, so painlessly, and so quickly!

I am excited to know what God is doing!

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