Receive a CD

I am able to make CDs for about $1 per CD. I am not set up to sell them retail and collect sales tax, but I am happy to mail them to USA and Canadian addresses for a donation to help cover that $1 and shipping costs. Please contact me if you live in another country so I can investigate shipping costs to your country.

For those who wish to donate extra toward recording expenses, that option is available as well. I don’t ask for or expect donations, but I’ve had a few people ask me to create a method for them to do that.

These PayPal links do not require a PayPal account; you can send money with any credit or debit card.

If you wish to use Venmo or CashApp instead, use the links below to enter the amount of money, include your name and address, and note how many CDs you want.

How many CDs do you want?
How many CDs do you want?
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