“This Place” is released!

This was the very first song that God gave me, 21 years ago. The full story is here.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that it’s being released now, in August of 2023. This is a song for now, for all those who answer the call to seek the heart of God.

God has always been calling people to seek Him and know Him, but the call is echoing louder and louder this summer.

In Luke 14:15, Jesus told how there were those who would miss out on the banquet in His presence because they were too busy.

They were too busy.

I know what it’s like to be too busy, and God in His magnificent grace stepped into my life and brought down the things that were keeping me busy. He met me where I was at and showed me how to really spend time with Him, and oh how my life has changed!

Know this: If you are hearing God call your name to seek His face, then He has grace available to you–the grace that will enable you to lay down the things that are stealing the time in your life that was meant for Him. All He needs is your willingness. He doesn’t need you to figure out how to do it. He needs you to be willing to do whatever He asks, and He will do the rest.

Let go of whatever you’re holding onto, and hold onto Him instead. He’ll test your heart, and He might ask You to make hard decisions, but I promise you that what He’ll give you in return is far more than anything He’ll ask you to surrender!

This song is for those who answer that call.

Links to listen: Spotify | AppleMusic | Amazon Music | YouTube Music | YouTube Lyric Video

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