CDs are available!

I have created a page where people can give a donation and get a CD. (I’m doing it this way because I am not set up to sell retail items and collect sales tax.) This is available if you live in the USA or Canada. If you live in another country …

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Children worshiping
What makes worship precious to God?

I’ve got a little 27-second video for you to listen to. There’s nothing to watch… it’s a recording of my 2-year-old granddaughter singing “This Place” with her mom in the darkness before bedtime.  She can’t articulate all the words. She can’t sing on…

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God spoke through a dream about “King Jesus”

I released “King Jesus” on January 1st of this year. On January 3rd, I woke up an hour earlier than usual and I knew God wanted to talk to me, so I eagerly went out to the living room. The moment I sat down, memories of a dream I’d …

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King Jesus
“King Jesus” is released!

I got the final sound file for “King Jesus” yesterday, and I decided to release it today. That means no synchronized release with Spotify and Amazon and Apple Music and all that. Those all take days to release, so they’ll be out lat…

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The Story behind Show Me
The story behind “Show Me”

“Show Me” releases tomorrow. It’s a song that came from a prayer, and I shared the story in a video.

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“Show Me” is coming soon!

Hello everyone! I finished recording “Show Me” at the end of September. It’s currently being mixed and mastered, and I’m working on the music video as my schedule allows. I’m really excited about sharing this song. It wa…

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This Place cover art
“This Place” is released!

This was the very first song that God gave me, 21 years ago. The full story is here. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that it’s being released now, in August of 2023. This is a song for now, for all those who answer the call to se…

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Katie sharing live
The next song is about…

Here’s a quick little Facebook Live I did, sharing what “This Place” is about:

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Another song & how I feel about 260k views

I have to smile. A month ago, I was in awe that my songs were getting 1000 views/day. And now… well, the lyric video for “I Will Wait” got 200,000 views in the month of May. Both songs combined are up to 260,000 views. That’s amazing, but what means…

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