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“Song in the Desert” is a song for all those who feel stuck in a dry place spiritually. It’s for those seasons when you’re not sure where God is or how to meet Him. I’ve been through a number of those seasons in my life, and as the years passed, I’ve learned some things. The desert is a place to meet God in a way that changes you. This song is for that journey from the desert wilderness to the mountain of God.

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All He Was
I Will Wait
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Song in the Desert album cover

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Song in the Desert
Song in the Desert is out!

I’m so excited to share this song! I pray that it touches thousands of people’s lives ar…

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Lessons from the desert

I’ve been sharing on my YouTube channel some of the lessons that God has taught me from my des…

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Album cover for Song in the Desert
An update on new songs and releases!

“Song in the Desert” is done, except for the lyric video which I’m still working o…

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