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The story behind “Masterpiece” (and a sneak peek!)

This song started from the overflow of a message God gave me for His people last August. Here is the story: This is the message God gave me last August. I included music from “I Will Wait” in it, but God started giving me “Masterpiece” on my walk home.

Glory in the Wilderness

I was honored to be the guest minister on Awakening True Image and Likeness yesterday. If you’d like to hear the message, it’s here, after the intro music and announcements.

News, a bit of history, and encouragement

Hi everyone! News: I’m going to be sharing next week on ATIL’s global podcast. It starts at 19:30 CAT which (right now) is 1:30pm Eastern Daylight time. You can view the recording later if you are interested but are working during the live broadcast. Here are links to the channels:Facebook: The bit of …

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Song in the Desert

Song in the Desert is out!

I’m so excited to share this song! I pray that it touches thousands of people’s lives around the world. If you’d like to hear the lessons I’ve learned from my desert seasons, there are a few short videos on a playlist here.

Lessons from the desert

I’ve been sharing on my YouTube channel some of the lessons that God has taught me from my desert seasons. So many people really struggle in their own desert seasons. I know I used to! If that’s you, I encourage you to listen and see if God has any encouragement for you in these lessons.

CDs are available!

I have created a page where people can give a donation and get a CD. (I’m doing it this way because I am not set up to sell retail items and collect sales tax.) This is available if you live in the USA or Canada. If you live in another country and want a CD, …

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