I’m in awe

I am… in awe at how “I Will Wait” is sweeping the world, 1,000 views at a time.

I suppose that’s not a large number of views compared to many viral videos, but it’s many thousands more than I expected. I am humbled to see what God is doing with this song that He entrusted to me. I’m also very happy and grateful, because for so many years I felt like I was hogging these songs God gave me to myself (mostly. We sing them at my church.) So now to have people from around the world writing to me to share how the songs are ministering to them is a dream come true—to see these amazing songs God wrote touching other people as they have touched me.

I hope to be back in the recording studio early next month to start the next song, but in the meantime, I’ll wait and see what God continues to do from here.

And I’ll keep my spiritual ears open so I’ll hear the rest of the song He gave me some more of last week. :-)

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