“King Jesus” is released!

I got the final sound file for “King Jesus” yesterday, and I decided to release it today. That means no synchronized release with Spotify and Amazon and Apple Music and all that. Those all take days to release, so they’ll be out later this week or next week. But this time, I feel that it’s more important to release this song on the first day of 2024. It’s a fitting song for the first day of the year, declaring that our King Jesus is Lord in this year, just as He has been in all the previous years. Except we want His reign to be more and more evident with each year that passes!

The verses of this song are also a prayer, because when you behold the glory and majesty of God, and you understand the worthiness of Jesus, the Lamb of God who was slain, there is no more fitting response than a prayer that He would transform us.

God gave me this song in June 2020, in the depths of the covid shut downs. For me, this time period was a sabbatical where broke through things in my life and tore down walls, and every year since then has been just that much more glorious. But I know that many others feel like life has just gone downhill since the covid shutdowns. If you are one of those people, I believe this song can be your anthem and your prayer that God will not restore what you lost in 2020, but that He will take you beyond to places with God that the pre-2020 you never even dreamed of!

Join those of us around the world proclaiming His greatness, and let Him prove His love and transforming and redeeming power in your life as you give more and more and more of all that you are to Him!

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