“All He Was” is now on Spotify!

It didn’t take as long as I expected for Spotify and iTunes (and Apple Music) to get my song up! This is so exciting!

I actually saw the notification email early this morning while my husband and I were laying around like most of us do New Year’s morning. I opened up my Spotify app, did a quick search and… yep! It was there! My husband wasn’t even fully awake yet, but I told him to get his phone. He sleepily asked why, and I said, “‘Cause I want to show you something!” So he obliged, and I grabbed his finger and opened his Spotify app, and then made his finger type “All He Was” (’cause it’s more fun that way). Then when it popped up, I don’t think he realized immediately what song he was playing. But as soon as the first line was sung, he did! He grinned, but not as much as I was grinning! But he hugged me and said how awesome it was. It seems so much more real that my song is really out there where others can hear this song that God wrote and gave me.

What a way to start the year!

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