I am making the resources on this page available as free downloads, but please consider these requests:

Please do not support music piracy. Within a month of my songs being released, people had already stolen the music and were offering it as “free downloads” on multiple sites around the internet. You can legally stream them for free on YouTube. You can stream them at low cost from Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and many other sources. They are available to purchase and download for offline listening at the lowest cost I could set it at, which is only .99 USD. Please do not support music theft through your actions.

If your church participates in your country’s method of legally performing/printing copyrighted music, please ask your church to properly report their use of these songs. In the United States, this is through CCLI. Many other countries have their own methods. This helps support my recording costs.

If you live in a country that does not have any such reporting method, then you have my permission to worship with these songs in any way that brings honor and glory to God. If you wish to use them in a way that will earn money, please contact me for permission first.

If you wish to sing or play my songs in a service for a loved one who has passed away, you have my permission no matter how you wish to do it. May God comfort you in your loss.

Even the score and lead sheets are free. But if you wish to give a donation to support the costs involved in recording songs, you are welcome to do so here. I do not want to require everyone to pay for my scores, as I know that the going rates in USD might be quite unaffordable in other currencies. I also do not want money to stop anyone from being blessed by these songs.

Contact me if you’d like a CD. I am making them, but I do not yet have a cart or any method of making them available for purchase.

“This Place”

ISRC No. QZNWX2311659
CCLI. Song No. 7182182

“Show Me”

ISRC No. QZTBF2360018
CCLI. Song No. 7182183

“I Will Wait”

ISRC No. QZHN72312863
CCLI. Song No. 7182185

“Song in the Desert”

ISRC No. QZHNB2489599
CCLI. Song No. 7236961

“All He Was”

ISRC No. QZTBB2259874
CCLI. Song No. 7182184

Note that there are two lyrical versions to this song.
The version that I recorded ends with the pronoun “you” and is meant to be sung as ministry.
– The congregational version ends with the pronouns “we” and “me” and is more suited for a worship service. We sing this one in my church. This lead sheet download has both version so you can choose whichever suits your needs.

“King Jesus”

ISRC No. QZFYX2459180
CCLI. Song No. 718218

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